Frequently Asked Questions


1 - What will the customer receive?

The customer will receive a beautiful professionally photographed 10x13 studio portrait of their child/children to treasure for years to come. There will be no additional sitting fees. Antiquities provides props and clothing which will vary from photographer to photographer.


2 - May someone purchase more than one coupon?

No. This offer is limited to one coupon per family. However, individual poses will be taken of each child in the family.


3 - Is this 10x13 portrait offer a children's promotion?

Yes. Up to age 16.

(However, if a parent, grandparent, friend or relative wishes to be included in extra poses for the package, we will be happy to do so upon request. No 10x13 portrait coupon may be sold for these extra poses.)

4 - May a portrait coupon be purchased for a group of grandchildren?

Only if the children have not appeared in any other 10x13 portrait special. However, this group pose may be added to any package.


5 - Will extra portraits be available?

Yes! Every sitting will have a variety of poses to choose from on the day the photographer returns.


6 - Can children be photographed without a parent being present?

No. Photography of a minor requires the parent to be present during the photo session.

The parent must also return for the viewing appointment.


7 - What should customers wear to the photo session?

Antiquities style dress consists of bare feet, overalls, bluejeans, lace dresses, etc. similar to the children shown in the samples on this site. Antiquites will provide props and clothing options for children up to a child's size 16. Children should be encouraged to wear clothing that can be changed easily (i.e. bare feet, blue jeans, overalls, oversized white shirts, etc.). Sample photos are representative of our work, no specific prop or costume can be guaranteed.