Our programs are the best.

Your friends, family and coworkers will all want to share in this fun and exciting event. Not only will they be helping support your fundraiser, but they will get a complete mini-session with a trained professional photographer AND a beautiful Kodak portrait at a fraction of its studio value.  WIN-WIN!

   No Risk - No Investment   

All of our programs offer these great benefits!

  1. We bring the studio, props and costumes right to your location.


  3. Earn Fabulous CASH BONUSES.

  4. Offer a product for much less that it’s retail value.

  5. Great Personal Sales Incentives for all of your group members.

  6. Kodak Quality - 100% Guarantee

  7. 28 Years of Professionalism, Integrity, and Reliability

Great Personal

Sales Incentives!

Sell 10 Coupons and Earn

2 - 8x10's, 2 - 5x7's Plus 8 wallets

(2 poses of your choice)

Sell 15 Coupons and Earn

4 - 8x10's, 4 - 5x7's Plus 16 wallets

(4 poses of your choice)

Sell 20 Coupons and Earn

8 - 8x10's, 8 - 5x7's Plus 32 wallets

(Any poses of your choice)

Sell 25 Coupons and Earn

8 - 8x10's, 8 - 5x7's Plus 32 wallets

1 - 10x13 Canvas & 1 - 16x20 Canvas

(Any poses of your choice)

  Antique Color  
  Classic Sepia