Zero Investment Means 100% Profit!


With Antiquities Portrait Fundraising, your group can earn thousands of dollars with zero investment. No leftover cookies to eat, no fruit to distribute, and no crazy long orders to complete. Antiquities Portrait Fundraising is the easiest way for your group to raise the money it needs!


We also offer generous cash bonuses that can DOUBLE your PROFITS!


Call today to receive our current special bonus schedule. 1-800-871-6255

   100% Profit  

   Bonus Money    

1. Your organization sells children's photo session coupons and keeps 100% of the money. 

Coupons sell for $10 each. That's a $79.95 Value!

Here's How Our Programs Work

2. An additional Cash Bonus is earned based on the number of sittings photographed.

3. Valuable Personal Sales Incentives are provided to motivate your sales people.

6. Customers will return to your location to pick up their portrait. We will also have finished portrait packages for your families to view and purchase if they wish.

5. Each customer will receive a portrait of their child or children for their coupon purchase.

4.  Antiquities comes to your location with props, outfits, and a complete studio setup to photograph each sitting.

  Antique Color  
  Classic Sepia